Acting on incorrect or unqualified tree advice can cost a lot more in the long run and potentially risk your safety, the safety of others, the safety of your tree and your home. Professionals have the knowledge, experience, and proper equipment to tackle the tree removal process, and can take the necessary steps to make sure the tree work is complete in proper accordance.​ HAC has worked in residential and commercial areas and takes all measures necessary to ensure that your home, yard, and neighbours are protected during the tree cutting and removal process.

​Our customers can enjoy the convenience of a non-obligatory quote and inspection at a time that is convenient.to them. We aim to keep our customers happy and treated fairly by being upfront and transparent about the costs associated with services and provide ongoing support throughout the process of working together.

Tree Removal

  • Hazard assessment and advice

  • Tree felling

  • Confined spaces

  • Dangerous tress

  • Emergency and storm damage 

  • Firebreak maintenance 

  • Block clearing

  • Vegetation clear backs

  • Stump removal

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Tree Recycling

  • Chipping and mulching

  • Wood chip delivery service 

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Tree pruning

  • Deadwood pruning

  • Deadwood pruning

  • Crown lifting

  • Weight Reduction

  • Targeted pruning

  • Formative pruning

  • Height Reduction 

  • Crown thinning

  • Fruit tree pruning

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  • Drone recovery

  • Feline rescue