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Updated: Jul 27, 2020

This is a photo of us. We are Tom and Christina. And we think this image sums us up pretty well. Adventurous. Playful. Natural.

It was taken on a day we got off the beaten track and explored the Tawau jungle during our trip to Borneo. Tom the tree man tracked down the tallest tropical tree in South East Asia and this watering hole for us to enjoy a freshwater swim - it came with its own waterfall! It was just us and the jungle for the whole day, and we appreciate that undisturbed forests, jungles, and woodlands are vital to the future of our planet.

The girl in the photos that's me. Hello! My name is Christina and I am Tom's partner. I come from a background in tourism, event management, sales, and marketing. I am behind-the-scenes bossing it as Tom says, taking care of marketing activities which basically consists of me hassling Tom to take photos from treetops and then of course having him explain to me what he is doing in easy to understand language.

Organising volunteer opportunities, creating community-based events, and scouting organisations for us to donate and contribute towards are always on top of my to-do list.

I believe in connection, human to human, and human to land. I believe that if we take time to become aware of our appreciation for trees, oceans, animals, and landscape it positively affects the way we interact with ourselves and the world around us.

My mission for our tree advocacy programs is to connect people with people and people with places for the benefit of mental health and our planet.

Every act of kindness towards each other and to our planet creates a new beginning, it doesn't matter how small the act is.

I encourage everyone to get out there amongst the trees, the flowers, the oceans or the mountains – whatever it is that draws you, discover awareness and connection, discover the planet, and discover you.

Combined we have traveled to over 30 countries, but we are most comfortable on the Tasmanian Peninsular and east coast. We are so lucky our families have shacks in these regions of Tasmania, and we both know that having these connections to our regional land since childhood has helped to shape our love for nature long into our adult years.

Wherever the road takes us I am sure of a few things, and they are; I will forever have my tree man giving me all the interesting facts on trees as we pass them by.He will always be yelling 'look at that tree!', which he generally says when he thinks its a particular good or funny looking tree. And I have no doubt he will continue to try and teach me how to pronounce scientific names of trees, and that we will laugh our heads off when I try to say them out loud.

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