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Where do the wood chips come from?

Our wood chips' are fresh off the trees, usually the same day or the day before they are delivered to you. The wood chips are created as a byproduct of our job. We use a mobile chipper to grind up the tree branches that we remove, which makes perfect mulch after a few months. They come directly from trees and tree prunings that have been chipped in Tasmania, mostly in the southern regions.


Why choose arborist wood chips over the store brought?

Store brought mulch varieties include bark mulch, cedar mulch, and rubber mulch. The difference is, our wood chips are fresh, natural, and unprocessed. They are local and a natural byproduct that doesn't require any extra carbon to create. You can feel good about using arborist wood chips in your yard! Mulches that you buy in the store undergo processing to make them consistent in size and colour. Not all of the processing is bad, but it can remove the beneficial qualities that would otherwise help your soil. You can learn more about the process of turning trees into wood chips and tree recycling benefits by visiting our Tree Recycle page.

Is wood chip mulch safe for my plants?

Some woods, such as walnut, contain a chemical that prevents other plants from growing well near that tree, so its safe to say we wont drop chips off to you that we know are harmful. Just like we wont drop trees we know don't mulch or compost well. Fresh wood chips should be left for a few months before using them directly on soil as mulch. 

What about bugs or disease?

Most bugs won't survive the chipping process if they are still on the branches. The chips would also have to be in contact with the soil close to the plant's roots to spread. Leaving the chip to age and dry out before using will help to desultory any disease.


How big will the load be?

We do not offer requests for a specific amount of wood chips. The size of the load is dependant on the job that we have done.

When will it show up?

As soon as you place a request, you could get delivery as early as that day. Typical delivery times are between 1 and 5 weeks. Longer wait times may occur during winter months, and to locations in regional areas.


I live in a regional area, can I still register?

Yes, you can! We work in regional areas of southern Tasmania regularly so the chances of us being in your area are almost certain. It may just mean the wait time is a little longer. We want to keep our driving down so the program is as sustainable as possible. If you would like your wood chips sooner you can contact us to arrange a paid delivery service.

Will you contact me before delivery?

Yes, we will contact you by calling or sending you a text message as soon as we know we can offer delivery for the following week. We try to do this as early as we can, so we can set up arrangements and make the process as smooth as possible. We aim to contact you 5 days before we can expect to deliver, this helps you prepare your home and allows us to contact someone else if the delivery doesn't work for you on that occasion.

In some cases, we may not be able to as much time in between contacting you and delivery but we always try to do the best we can. If we are unable to reach you or do not hear back from you within 3 hours we will contact the next person on the list who lives near by. You will still be registered for delivery, it just won't be until the next time we are in the area and have a load spare.

What happens if I am unable to receive the delivery on the day?

That's ok, it just means we will contact the next closest person in your area. You will still be registered for delivery, it just won't be until the next time we are in the area and have a load spare.


Do I have to be at home to receive the delivery?

No, you do not need to be at home. As long as we are comfortable with the level of communication and your expectations we will drop off without you being home. We will require specific instructions on where to drop off.

Where won't we drop wood chips?

  • Over a neighbor's driveway

  • Blocking a car in a driveway, unless the homeowner has said it's oka

  • On a road or footpath

  • Around the base of a tree or on top of obvious landscape plantings

  • Next to or on top of any piece of property or structure that could be damaged by the weight of the load

How long should you leave chip before using it as mulch and why?

Fresh wood chips and barks can contain toxins such as tannins that may damage plants that they are applied around. The trick is to age the chips by leaving them in a pile for several months, overtime the toxins will dissipate before they are used in the garden.

Nitrogen drawdown is the technical term for the process of organic materials sapping nutrients from the soil as they continue to break down. Woody mulch materials should never be dug into the soil for this reason. An underlay mulch of manure or some other nutritious organic material such as pea straw will help avoid this problem.

Mulches should always be kept away from the trunk or crown of garden plants to minimize the possibility of collar rot occurring.

We recommend digging around to find out more information that will guide you towards your particular mulch and planting needs for your garden.

Thanks! We will be in touch soon.