From the beginning, Hobart Arbor Co. has valued and implemented ethical tree care, sustainable practices, and tree preservation. We strive to maintain the highest standards of Arboriculture, providing our customers with honest information and high-quality work. Promoting awareness of the importance of trees to our customers and community is another value of Hobart Arbor Co. 

We donate money to re-vegetation work in Tasmania when we remove trees, we raise money for local tree plantings by recycling wood-chips back into the community, we give firewood to people in need, donate wood for re-purposing in school gardens, playgrounds, and park projects and we endeavor to reduce our carbon footprint by working smarter with our equipment. We support and promote National Tree Day and volunteer with our local Landcare group. These are of course small things we do to help a big problem and we are always looking for new practices and programs to implement. 




We believe there are a few important applications of ethical tree care which our arborists weave into their work every single day. 

They include; Tree preservation, the right tree in the right place, and environmental sensitivity.



We are honest and transparent. If your unsure about the health and safety of your tree and we come in and do an assessment that finds you don't need to remove the tree we won't advise you to. Instead, we will offer alternate solutions and techniques to keep your tree healthy, safe, and alive! 



Tree selection and placement are two of the most important decisions that we can make right now to ensure a tree can be left to grow for generations to come as nature intends. We are committed to spreading the message of 'The right tree in the right place.' We educate our customers and community about the importance of tree selection and placement decisions when landscaping a new home, replacing a tree, or planting new trees in community areas. We hope this helps to reduce the number of complete tree removals in the future.



Tree protection and working as an arborist are two things that from a glance my come across as dichotomous to the other but we understand that as an arborist it's our responsibility to be conscious of how our actions may potentially affect the fragile global ecosystem. 

You will be able to read more about our Ethical Tree Care values, coming soon. 



Were connected to local landscapers, woodcarvers, designers, builders, and gardeners and we donate the wood to all of them. These creative and talented people re-purpose the wood into carvings sculptures and structural bases which can be found in communal areas such as school playgrounds, gardens, and community parks. We also salvage and donate unique timber that can be used in woodturning or for artwork..We offer a free firewood collection for people in need and our CHIPS 4 TREES program rehomes wood chips not wanted by our clients. We do not dump wood or take unwanted wood to landfill – it is all used in one way or another.


When we complete a full tree removal we donate money to Greening Australia. The donation is in direct support of their re-vegetation work in places like the midlands and the Tasmania Island Ark program. They estimate that with every donation, we contribute to pulling a tonne of carbon out of the atmosphere. Our first preference is to preserve your tree, but this helps to balance our environmental impact where removal becomes necessary.




Our CHIPS 4 TREES program was developed to encourage tree recycling in the community and raise money for local tree planting projects. We deliver tree chips to homes, schools, and community groups around Hobart for a small donation. The donation goes towards reaching our target of planting 100 trees annually with help from our friends at Fifteen Trees, these guys help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and combat the effects of climate change through Australian community tree plantings. Any extra money raised annually goes towards other tree planting projects and events like National Tree Day in Tasmania. In the future we aim to plant a tree for every tree we remove annually.

To learn more and sign up, visit our CHIPS 4 TREES page.

To learn more about recycling trees for wood chips visit our Tree Recycle page.




We operate with minimal equipment required to run our business successfully and make purchases that can be used for multiple tree care jobs. We try to make sure our equipment is not run excessively and when possible we use battery-powered chainsaws or hand tools which lower our overall emission output. To avoid contaminating the environment we promote the use of natural treatments for trees and vegetation when required. 




Trees trunks or dead trees offer a place for foregoing, protection from predators, and a home to live and nest. When our customers have the opportunity available, we encourage them to retain a tree or parts of a tree to create natural habitats. 



We use our Instagram account as a tool to connect with our community and share key messages, spreading awareness of the value of trees. We hope to educate and promote; Alternative solutions to tree removal, the right tree in the right place, and advocate for ethical and sustainable tree care, tree preservation, and tree planting. 



In 2021 we hope to work with our local council, Landcare group, and community groups to create a tree planting event for National Tree Day.

To learn more about our community-based initiatives visit our sustainability programs page.