Preparing your Trees for Storms and High Winds

The best thing you can do to storm-proof medium to large trees is to take care of them before a storm arrives.

Healthy trees can withstand extreme weather conditions compared to weaker ones. You can do this by proper watering, regular and corrective pruning, and mulching. This is especially important if your trees are still young and not fully matured.



Have your trees assessed and cared for by a qualified arborist

This might seem obvious but in an unregulated industry it’s a biggy! o ensure the optimum health and condition of your trees, it’s always best to consult with professional arborists. This way, you know that your trees are getting the proper care and maintenance that it needs to grow as best as it can.

Take preventative tree pruning & trimming

Preventative pruning such weight reduction or dead wood pruning will free the tree of weak or overextended branches that could fall & damage property during a storm. Many of the storm damage callouts we have encountered could have been prevented. Proper pruning can also encourage the proper growth and structure of your trees. incorrect pruning can be detrimental to your tree’s health if it’s done incorrectly. That’s why it’s always recommended to seek the help of arborists when pruning your trees, especially if you’re not sure how to do it properly.

Keep the roots protected

Roots act as the tree’s anchor, if they’re not healthy, strong, or stable, it’s easier for the tree to become uprooted during a storm. Do this by avoiding construction and excavation where the roots are growing. Layer a ring of mulch around the tree to boost nutrients which will encourage a stronger root system.

The Right Tree in The Right Place 

And for all the new homeowners out there one of the best things you can do is plant the right tree in the right place & take care of it. If your area is prone to high winds, this should be taken into consideration when choosing both the tree & its new home.

If your concerned about a tree on your property let us know & we can help.

This gum needed some love and care after winds a few months back. We cleaned up storm damage and reduced other heavily weighted branches to make the tree safer and prevent damage in the future.