Get wood chips delivered to your house, school, or community garden.


Our wood chips are local, natural, fresh and help to sponsor community tree planting projects in Tasmania!

By signing up to our Chips 4 Tress register you will be added to a list of Tassie gardeners who are eager to get their hands on some tree chip. We are committed to giving back to our community + environment and we believe the more wood chips that go directly back into the gardens of Tasmanian's the better! This is why, when we deliver natural and local wood chips to your doorstep, our only request is for you to invest $100.00 towards our tree planting mission. 

100 % of the mulch sale goes directly towards community tree planting projects here in Tassie!  We have teamed up with Landcare Tasmania and together we are hosting community tree planting events in the second half of 2022.


Sign up by filling in the registration form below. Tell us if its for your home community group, school or business.


We will touch base a few days ahead of delivery and arrange all the details.  Read our Q&A  for delivery information.


On delivery, we will take your $100.00 contibution and add it to our fundraiser. Ask us for a  link to see how were going.


Once we reach our target we will let you know and invite you along to tree plantings and events.

What happens when you contribute?

Where we can we'll invite you to come along and plant our trees! A local Landcare group will take charge of the planting which means we will have plenty of knowledgeable and experienced hands helping us.
Not only will our trees help collect greenhouse emissions, but they will also create green corridors, providing native wildlife with habitat, and helping to reverse the effects of erosion, and rising water tables (using salt in soil to rise to the surface). Trees also provide a vital role in maintaining a stable global climate. Plus you're giving a small gift that contributes to a massive gift that keeps on giving. Before registering it's a good idea to check-out our Q&A page. 

Thanks for your tree-mendous support and sponsoring a tree with HAC.



We will be in touch soon.